Monday Thru Sunday - Album


Monday Thru Sunday - Album

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Xavier Keyz debut solo album "Monday Thru Sunday" sold exclusively here. Purchase of this album includes 16 R&B songs. See track list below


1.) Intro(Center of Attention)

2.) Center Of Attention (Feat L.U.V.E.M)

3.) Cuff Her

4.) Right Here

5.) Trip To Mars

6). Some Type Of Way (Interlude)

7.) Some Type Of Way

8.) Monday Thru Sunday

9.) Nobody Else But You

10.) Loose Control (Interlude)

11.) Loose Control

12.) Count to 10

13.) Lay Down

14.) S.O.S ( I'll Stay)

15.) Breathe I breathe

16.) Somebody Else

17.) Lay Down (Extended Version) - Bonus Song

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