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Xavier Keyz is sending some serious encouragement to the ladies! Keyz also breaks down what it really takes to be a boss!

In an era where misogyny is at an all-time high and seems to be a constant trending topic. Chicago singer Xavier Keyz is unapologetic about letting women know just how dope they are. No longer is it about the women with designer handbags, long extensions, and designer cars. It's about every woman around the world that's holding it down. Xavier wants you to know that you are a Bo$$, and don't let anyone tell you any different.

"Being a boss is about more than just money, it's about handing your business; progressing on your priorities. Being a boss takes focus & hella persistence. Regardless of the "no's" you said hell yes to your dreams & made it happen.. that's a boss. Focused on her paper to make that paper, she's a boss!" said Xavier.




Chicago based singers/musicians Keyz & B.Lin have come together to create a smooth and romantic love song, inspired by Avant & KeKe Wyatt’s “You & I,” for all the lovers on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Their new single, entitled “Nobody Else But You.” is a soulful record, which should appeal to R&B lovers everywhere! The duet will be featured on Keyz’ upcoming solo album, which is coming out later this year. It is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.




Keyz, a musical artist, producer, & songwriter from Chicago Illinois had the dream & vision of becoming a successful artist & entertainer in the entertainment industry. He created a singing group that started out as six at his high school [Kenwood Academy] Working & performing in & around Chicago trying to get the word out about them. Things weren’t taking off like others expected so it reduced to four. Over time the group went to two members & released a album “Another Level” in November 2012. the group split in Feb 2013 & now KEYZ is more determined than ever to make his success a reality himself. His first new single “Trip To Mars” which released October 29th as his debut single as a solo artist & his album is set to release later on in the year. His second single “Nobody Else But You” is set to release Valentines Day 2014.




Cameron Frazier, aka Keyz, never wanted to be in music alone.

Throughout his time at Kenwood Academy in Chicago, he started an a cappella group with six classmates, dubbed the Harmony Brothers. They sang at the school’s basketball games and other functions.

Keyz wanted to share his success.

“I wanted to find others who had the same gifts and talents I had,” says Keyz, 23, a student at Chicago’s Kennedy King College. “…so we could work together and build something great. Like a great empire of music.”

With their teacher’s support, the group began to expand into the community performing at local retirement homes, but as their opportunities increased, membership began to shrink.

“It was getting to the point where a lot of members weren’t showing up for rehearsals. We had to make some cuts and it reduced to four members, renamed Just 4.


From Twitter: @keyzofficial

Keyz, who also plays piano, took charge of the arrangements and the band, now comprised of three singers and one rapper.

“We were in the process of creating an album for a label […] set up our own home studio. We stayed there for eight days straight, recorded 14 songs, and had a listening party. It was good, but our parents were like, ‘Don’t touch this guy [you are working with], he’s kind of shady.’”

Their parents’ predictions quickly became reality and that reality had a cost.

“He went back to Virginia and we never saw him [or most of our music] again. We recovered four of the songs, but with that happening, two members left. Everyone was so discouraged, including myself.”

Keyz and his partner, now renamed J-2, attempted to get back on track.

The now-duo recorded an album, Another Level, and were beginning to get some exposure in the urban music scene. Everything seemed to be turning around — until the final Harmony Brother called it quits.

He signed a recording contract with an underground label in Chicago, leaving Keyz by himself, confused and looking for a fresh start.

“The guy I started with when I was six, my ride-or-die partner, automatically flipped the script. It was crazy,” Keyz laments. “All this time he was recording his own [material] making me believe that it just meetings. I was really hurt [by] that.”

With that Cameron evolved into part-time solo artist and full-time student studying television production and communication at Kennedy King. Expected to graduate this December, Keyz, while committed to getting his degree, is insistent that music is his first priority.

“This is my third time starting over. I’ve learned a lot and my album is sounding more professional,” Keyz says. “All this time I feel like being in a group was boot camp, getting me ready for this moment.”

His classmates might not know who Keyz is just yet, but the artist who has turned down performances to focus on his schoolwork is sure that his Tank and Usher-inspired sound can reach a larger audience.

“I hate the fact that people don’t really know [me]. That’s why I’m really trying to get my music on the radio station on campus so people will start knowing,” Keyz says. “I [try to write] songs that people can relate to a lot. I look at people’s social media like Facebook statuses, Twitter updates and I write songs based of [that].”

His latest ode to love, single Nobody Else But You, was released this past Valentine’s Day

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Official Artwork for “Nobody Else But You”

Chicago singer/musician Keyz teamed up with fellow Chicagoan singer B.Lin for his most recent release, “Nobody Else But You.” “Nobody Else But You” immediately reminded me of the old school duets by Avant & Keke Wyatt, that I used to love. This track offers a modern love song story with an authentic R&B sound. Listen to the song below or purchase it via iTunes or Amazon for $ .99. And be sure to follow the ‘KeyzOfficial’ soundclound page for all his latest drops.


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